Kentrikon Fresh

Kentrikon Fresh

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In a world full of tourists we believe in travelers
We aim in the rescue of this species
We are this species
We are from the future

Opening Dates

Monday – Sunday

Opening Hours

07:00 am – 02:00 am

Our Experience Store​


Est. 1961

Be part of our fresh community and find your soul!

Deli & Menu

With love and respect we continue as the third generation being inspired from our love to pure food and premium Greek products


Our deli shop offers a selection of Greek products that are carefully curated to showcase the best of Greece’s culinary traditions. From delicious olive oils and honey to wine and olives, you can taste the authentic flavors of Greece.


The menu that you will find below is a unique ticket to travel in this blessed land, the land of Chalkidiki. We have personally chosen for you top quality products from the peninsulas. Indulge yourself and be a member of our family.

Skin Care & Clothes

There is something truly special about finding a gorgeous piece on your travels. Wellness, beauty and care products inspired by nature.

Skin Care

All of our cosmetics are proudly made in Greece. Vegan or vegetarian formulas, ethical & sustainable production, parabens free, cruelty free.


Our love for  feminine, simplicity and elegant details, make us to choose fresh brands and cool creations  that reflect the best of your inner self.

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