Being the gate of Holy Mount Athos and Virgin’s Mary garden the charming village of Ouranoupolis enchants all visitors with its incomparable beauty, the emerald seas with transparent waters and rich seabed, the green blooms and dense vegetation with neat air. Infused with the divine and sacred area features a variety of wonderful attractions and exciting activities that guarantee unique and rejuvenating holidays.Travelers have the opportunity to become participants in celebrations, customs and traditions, cultural events and experience up close the greatness and strength of the cultural heritage of this blessed place that combines both authenticity idyllic tradition with contemporary splendor.

Sacre Mount Athos experience

Mount Athos or else the garden of Virgin Mary is an UNESCO World Cultural monument. It is the oldest monastic community worldwide and the pillar of orthodoxy everywhere. Byzantine icons, religious relics, manuscripts and a rare library compose the portrait of this unique monastic community.

The Byzantine Tower of Ouranoupolis

Since 12th century is the hallmark of the village of Ouranoupolis , and the best preserved tower in Chalkidiki. Consisting of the Byzantine tower, the small fort precinct and Arsanas dominates imperious “lighthouse” of the port of Ouranoupoli with picturesque fishing boats and seagull. He brings great history as it passed by an earthquake, it burned down in 1821, hosted the refugees at the exchange of populations from Asia Minor in 1924 and was inhabited by the Lock couple did much the place.

Visit the Libra monastery

Or else Fragokastro, 2 km from the village of Ouranoupolis is the natural and artificial boundary between mundane life and Mount Athos. This is one of the oldest monasteries of Mount Athos as dating to the mid 10th century AD. Today only ruins as the archaeological research is underway. The walk to the monastery is an incomparable experience. Nature colours and the which combines the unique Mount Athos green and the crystal blue in the twilight of sunset.

Visit the Aristotle’s grove

Stagira, the birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle is a picturesque town full of energy reserves and natural beauty. Visit the park where stands proud the statue of the great philosopher, enjoy the panoramic views of bay and see the exhibits that explain the phenomena of nature such as the great philosopher taught. In return, make a stop in the mountainous Arnea to admire the landscape, the Weaving Museum and the traditional architecture of Halkidiki.